Helping You Find the Right Look for Every Occasion

RLS Image Consulting, LLC, is an image consulting co. assisting women of all ages to look and feel their best by offering one on one fashion advice, tips and personal shopping assistance.


If you are looking for an outfit for a specific occasion, or maybe you want to step your look up and be trendier, RLS is here to help. We specialize in finding you "The Right Look for Every Occasion". Call today for a consultation, we'd love to do a body, closet or color analysis for you. What makes RLS so unique is that specialize in teaching and training. We personally come out to your businesses, women's group or mentoring organizations, and train them on what to wear and how to wear it.  Training will be tailored to fit your organization perfectly.


General Information

RLS Image has a Passion for Fashion. We specialize in offering services and products that are fashionable, trendy yet affordable. We have the ability to customize looks for you within your budget. Looking good doesn’t have to break the bank! We believe in making you look like a million bucks without the bill.


Let the RLS Image team do all the work for you as you enjoy time with your family and loved ones, or while you work on other projects. Be assured that RLS will take your needs and desires and bring you back things that will make you feel as if you have done it yourself! During your consultation, we will sit down with you and determine your needs. We will then create personalized looks for you to see and approve, and then... Let the shopping begin!


Rashita Swann and her trained professional team at RLS Image Consulting will help you if you're looking for something specific for an event or if you just don't want the hassle of the malls. Either way, we can help! We specialize in shopping based on your budget, so no need to worry about spending too much.


It's high time we get you out of the "Time Warp" and let the RLS Image Team walk through your closet, piece by piece by piece.  We will help you to determine, what should stay or what we can say "Goodbye" to.


RLS's specializes in:

·         Training any organization

·         Finding you classic pieces, that will become interchangeable in your closet

·         "OUT" with the old colors and "IN" with the new

·         Teaching you the key to "Closet Coordination" (if everything else in life needs organization, then why doesn't your Closet?

·         Teaching you the ABC's  and 123's of Accessorizing

It's RLS's desire to make entering your closet a great experience and not an overwhelming nightmare!

Color Analysis

Colors can make or break a wardrobe.  You can walk into a room and if you have the wrong colors on, it could potentially send the wrong message.  Learning what colors work best for you can be a difficult task alone so let us do the work!

What Do the Colors I Wear, Say About Me?

Colors can set the stage on so many levels and Colors can literally change the energy within a room.
Colors can certainly take you outfit to the next level.
It's important for you to determine which colors make you look your best:
While Warm colors such as yellows and oranges will make you looked more alive & refreshed, choosing cool colors like blues and greens will be more relaxing and peaceful.

Let Rashita and the RLS Image team show you what colors fit you best.  We will gladly walk you through the many colors within a palette and once we're done, you will feel like a Color Expert!

Closet Analysis

If you feel like you have a million and one items in your closet but nothing

to wear, a Closet Analysis is what you need.

Will give your closet a TOTAL MAKEOVER:

Deep dives into your closet to help you find classic pieces that can be paired w/ updated items and gives your wardrobe a completely fresh and updated look. Find signature pieces that you can turn into trendy items. Also, discard all worn, outdated and old pieces.

Body Analysis

Do you wear clothes that don’t quite feel comfortable on your body? Are you unsure if your clothing selections fit well with YOUR particular body type…if not, then Let us help!

Every individual has a unique body type & shape and knowing exactly what yours is, will better help you when making clothing selections.

A complete body analysis will give you details measurements and prescribe clothing details that will enhance and compliment your look. 


We are completely committed to giving back into the community and with that in mind; we’ve created the Annual “Fabulous 5 Project” This project assist 5 young ladies in the Hampton Roads area by providing complete Prom Makeovers to families having a financial hardship. RLS partners with Ebony Capri owner of Mz. Management, Sonya Bradley, owner of Flawless Salon & Maree Antonette, owner of Nirvana Hair Studio.